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For Bangladeshi politician, see Hasan Mahmud (politician).

Hassan Mahmud is director of sharia at the Muslim Canadian Congress. He believes that sharia is inconsistent with modern time. Mahmud was active working against the "Toronto Sharia Court".[1] He has spoken on human rights in Islam at many conferences throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. He has worked as a "dramatist, actor, poet, reciter, master of ceremony, TV-show host, musician and harmoniumist in Indian classical events".[1][2]

Hasan mhamud,Hanif mhamud,Isan mhamud,


In Bangla:-

  • What Sharia Says – What We Do (শারিয়া কি বলে, আমরা কি করি)4th edition. Its English translation - "How Sharia Hijacked Islam" is ready to be published.
  • Banglaar Kotha Koi (বাংলার কথা কই – story-telling on Bengal-history)

(Most of his writings are under the penname Fatemolla.[1])

In English:

  • How Sharia Hijacked Islam - is ready to be published.


3 Docu-Movies on Sharia law, shown in many Islamic conferences- watch them here:- http://hasanmahmud.com/index.php/movies

  • HILLA – shown in Int’l film festival in LA, subtitled in English, Malay and Turkish.
  • DIVINE STONE – endorsed by 14 Islamic organizations worldwide, subtitled in Arabic
  • THE SHARIA CONUNDRUM (শারিয়া প্রহেলিকা) – made in Vancouver.

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