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Mirza Hashem Amoli (Persian: میرزا هاشم آملی; c. 1899-February 26, 1993) was a Shia cleric.

Amoli was born in 1899 in a village near Larijan. He studied Islamic sciences in Amol (hence his name), Tehran (spending some time studying under Hassan Modarres), and Qom. After achieving Ijtihad, Amoli moved to Najaf and stayed there for about thirty years. He moved back to Qom around 1963.

Amoli's famous students include Mohammad Taghi Majlesi, Mostafa Mohaghghegh Damad, Mohammad Mohammadi Gilani, Mohammad Mofatteh, and Mohammad Yazdi.

Amoli was the father of five sons, which all hold or have held positions in the government of Islamic Republic of Iran. Ali Larijani (a member of Supreme National Security Council and speaker of the Parliament), Sadegh Larijani (the head of the judiciary and former member of the Guardian Council), Mohammad Javad Larijani, Bagher Larijani (chancellor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences), and Fazel Larijani (Iran's cultural attaché in Ottawa).[1]


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