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Hassan Abbas (born 1969) is a Pakistani-American academic in the field of South Asian and Middle Eastern studies. His research focuses on security issues pertaining to governance, law enforcement and counterterrorism in these regions. Abbas was a security officer in the governments of Benazir Bhutto (1994–1996) and Musharraf (1999–2001). He is a resident in the US.


Abbas received a MALD and PhD from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University; an LLM in International Law from the University of Nottingham School of Law (as a Britannia Chevenning Scholar); and a Masters in Political Science from the Government College, Lahore, Punjab University, Pakistan.

Academic career[edit]

Abbas was a visiting scholar at the Islamic Legal Studies Program (2002 - 2003) and at the Negotiation Project (2003 - 2004) at Harvard Law School. From 2005 - 2009, Abbas was a research fellow and from 2009 - 2011, an adviser at the Belfer Centre for Science and International affairs at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.[1] From 2009 - 2011, Abbas was also Quaid-i-Azam Chair professor at the South Asia Institute and School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Columbia University in New York.[2] In 2009, Abbas was the Bernard Schwartz fellow at the Asia Society in New York.[3] Currently, he is the chair of the Department of Regional and Analytical Studies at the National Defense University (NDU) in Washington DC;[4] director of the South and Central Asia Program, NDU. In 2012, Abbas led the Independent Commission on Police Reforms in Pakistan, funded by the Asia Society.[5]

Selected bibliography[edit]

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