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Hassan Abbassi is an Iranian political scientist, strategist and futurist. Abbassi is the head of the Center for Doctrinal Strategic Studies[1] in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, He is also a theoretician in the office of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei,.[2][3] Abassi is known to be a basiji of the Iran-Iraq war, and special forces.[4]

Abbasi is called a doctor, says he has a Ph.D. degree, but has refused to clarify the university from which he graduated or his adviser. He has supervised more than 130 Ph.D. dissertations.[5][6] Answering questions about his Ph.D. he has said that "Doctorate means Doctrine, meaning someone who can offer Doctrine." [7]


"Our youths who are ready for martyrdom will be more effective in striking the enemy than any missiles system".[8]

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