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Hassan Nisar
حسن نثار
Born (1951-07-05) 5 July 1951 (age 63)
Faisalabad, Punjab
Occupation Journalist
Nationality Pakistani
Education Masters in Economics from University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
Subject Politics


Hassan Nisar (Punjabi, Urdu: حسن نثار) is a syndicated columnist and an analyst with his own talk show Choraha which he used to do on Geo TV, Pakistan.[1][2] His presentations are in Urdu. His commentaries in print media and television focusing on contemporary Pakistan, and the political history of Islam, which are conservative in nature, have earned him praise both from Nationalist and Islamic elements in Pakistan[citation needed].

Nisar started off his career as a journalist, but with time and the emergence of private TV channels in Pakistan, he has appeared on or hosted TV talk shows including Meray Mutabiq (Urdu: میرے مطابق) and "Choraha" on Geo News.

He left Jang Group and GEO TV Network in August 2012 due to some differences with management related to his compensation and moved to DUNYA News, which is another new private channel. There he resumed his signature program with different title "Meri Dunya". However, after a short stint at DUNYA News (about 8 months), he re-joined Jang Group and GEO TV Network in late April 2013 after his issues were resolved.


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