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Hate Dept.
Genres Post-punk, industrial rock, Coldwave
Years active 1991–present
Associated acts Pigface
Website http://www.hatedept.com
Members Steven Seibold (1991 – )
Nick Meade
Jae Stevens
Ivan Kazak
Past members Steven Ortiz
Mark Greco
Charles Hunt
[1] Rob Robinson
Jamie Leighton[2]
Coby Basset
Ryan Daily
Shawn Sutherland[3]
James Pratt
Craig Longiotti
Diana O'Donahue
Paul Neiser
Jeff Smith
Chad Danley
Garret Craig
Jason Gildner
James Agnew
Dean Love
Matthew Z Belcher[2]

Hate Dept. is an American synthesizer-laden post punk band, formed in 1991 by Steven Seibold. The group releases albums and performs music in the same vein as Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy and The Prodigy. Seibold is a multi-instrumentalist who manages to write, record and release Hate Dept. albums without the aid of outside help. He formed Hate Dept. in 1991 in reaction to fickle 'electro' audiences and antipathy towards live electronic bands, taking his sound in a more punk direction.[3]

Hate Dept.'s debut album in 1994, Meat.Your.Maker, appeared in Rolling Stone's Top 10 alternative albums while Seibold was nominated 'Best New Talent' by Keyboard Magazine. Omnipresent, the second release by the group, again entered charts in Rolling Stone and Alternative Press. Hate Dept. had a brief period of commercial success after the release of the third album Technical Difficulties. The only single, Release It, earned radio airplay in 50 North American markets.

Seibold joined Pigface in 2001, touring and recording with Martin Atkins in several projects. During this time, Hate Dept. released their fourth album Ditch in 2003. Although the band had publicly announced the release of the fifth studio album, A New Ghost. Production stalled and for years, fans were left with little more than rumors of random, unavailable songs.

In August 2013, 10 years after the release of Ditch, Seibold announced via Facebook that a fifth studio album, now titled simply, New Ghost, was set for an August 27, independent release. Shortly after the announcement, this statement was posted:

"I'm not ignoring the questions I've been asked about the access and sale of the new album, 'New Ghost', I'm just thinking about the answer. If it is to be considered a luxury to be an 'independent artist', one must treat it as such. We won't disappoint you. You'll hear it August 27th, see it, touch it, feel it and study it, shortly after if you chose to. And, if geography permits, we will perform close enough to you to once again make ears ring, shake hands and embrace..."


Albums, compilations, and EPs[edit]

  • Meat.Your.Maker (CD, Album) 21st Circuitry. 1994
  • Mainline (EP) Neurotic Records, 1995
  • The Remix Wars: Strike 3 - 16 Volt vs. Hate Dept (CD, Album) Off Beat, 1996
  • Omnipresent (CD, Album) Neurotic Records, 1996
  • Technical Difficulties (CD, Album) Restless Records, 1999
  • The House That Hate Built (2-CD compilation) Mars Colony Records, 2001
  • DITCH (CD, Album) Underground, Inc., 2003
  • New Ghost (CD, Album) awful noise records, 2013
  • Spirit: New Ghost Remix Collection Volley One (CD, Album) awful noise records, 2014

Compilation appearances[edit]


  • "New Power"(Two versions) Neurotic Records, 1996
  • "I Don't Know You (CD, Maxi)" Neurotic Records, 1996
  • "Release It" Restless Records, 1999
  • "Marketing Tool" Restless Records, 1999


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