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Hate Man (born Mark Hawthorne) is an American philosopher. His beliefs center on people being honest about their negative feelings.[1][2] He is locally famous in Berkeley, California, where he has lived since 1973.[3][4]


Hawthorne was an officer in the US Air Force and a Peace Corps volunteer.[5] He started at The New York Times as a copy boy and worked as a reporter in the Metro section from 1961 to 1970 before he left, divorced his wife, and "started being downward mobile."[6]


Hawthorne created a philosophy he calls oppositionality which is centered around treating people kindly even though you are in a bad mood. He has created his own following, who refer to themselves as "hate campers". He has influenced people to live on the streets.[7] He initiated a nightly "hate camp" on Sproul Plaza where local people released their animosity.[6]

Personal life[edit]

Hawthorne was married but is divorced.[6] He is homeless.[8]


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