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Origin Baltimore, Maryland
Genres Death metal, grindcore
Years active 2003−present
Labels Reptilian Records
Associated acts Pig Destroyer, Triac
Members Blake Harrison
Mark Sloan
Waldo the Parrot

Hatebeak is a death metal band, formed by Blake Harrison, Mark Sloan, and Waldo, a 21-year-old Congo African Grey Parrot. Hatebeak is the only band to have an "avian" vocalist.[1] The band members do not use their last names on their releases "for the mystery".[citation needed] Hatebeak also does not tour so as to not torture the bird.[2] Hatebeak is strictly a studio project with unintelligible lyrics and no melody.[3] They are currently signed to Reptilian Records.

Their sound has been described as "a jackhammer being ground in a compactor."[4] Aquarius Records magazine called Hatebeak "furious and blasting death metal".[3] Hatebeak made their second record with Caninus, a band whose lead singers are two dogs.[3] Hatebeak's goal is to "raise the bar for extreme music".[3]

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