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Hatehof is an Israeli company that manufactures tankers, aircraft refuelers, fire fighting trucks, armored vehicles and special purpose trailers.

Hatehof is based in the Tzippori industrial zone in Galilee, Israel. In 2011, the company was in financial straits due to a drop in orders and NIS 200 million in debts. The company's creditor banks appointed a trustee to save it.[1]

The company employs a team of engineers from many fields, and works on multiple projects/builds simultaneously. Hatehof currently has around 100 employees and provides the required services in-house, such as the design, manufacture, assembly, inspection, professional literature, and cataloging. It is also a major supplier to the Israeli army.

Armoured vehicles[edit]

  • Zibar Ultra-High Mobility Special Operations Vehicle
  • Wolf Armoured Vehicle
  • Hurricane MRAP
  • Navigator MRAP
  • Xtream High Mobility Armored Vehicle


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