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Hatfield Quality Meats is primarily a pork meat packing company based in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. It produces over 1,200 different fresh and manufactured pork products. Hatfield's distribution is primarily on the East Coast of the United States, as well as some international markets. Their hot dogs are sold at Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals baseball home games.

They are owned and run by the Clemens Family Corporation. It is a privately held company.

The manufacturing operation remains non-union.

Company history[edit]

John C. Clemens started Pleasant Valley Packing, which primarily involved selling meat from his farm in Mainland, Pennsylvania to markets in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. J.M. Funk started Hatfield in 1895 as a pork processing plant in Hatfield. John S. and Abe Clemens, two of John C.'s sons, ran Pleasant Valley Packing until it burned down in 1946. The two brothers then, along with two of their younger brothers, Ezra and Lester, purchased the Hatfield plant. The company has been owned and controlled by the Clemens family since then.


The current president is Doug Clemens. The current CEO is Philip Clemens.

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