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A Hattersley Loom

The Hattersley loom was developed by George Hattersley and Sons of Keighley, West Yorkshire, England. The company had been started by Richard Hattersley after 1784, with his son, George Hattersley, later entering the business alongside him. The company developed a number of innovative looms, of which the Hattersley Standard Loom – developed in 1921 – was a great success.


There is a Hattersley Jacquard (tapestry) loom located at Queen Street Mill in Burnley.[1]

Jacquard Tapestry Loom[edit]

An example of a woven reproduction of Bolton Abbey in Ye Olden Times, at Queen Street Mill Museum. The original bright colours have faded.

Artworks could be replicated on mass by use of the Hattersley Jacquard (Tapestry) Loom. For example, Sir Edwin Henry Landseer's painting Bolton Abbey in Ye Olden Times was produced in tapestry form by a Jacquard Loom at a Franco-British exhibition in 1908.[1]


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