Hatunqucha (Qaras)

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This article is about the lake in the Santa Cruz District, Huaylas Province, Ancash Region, Peru, near the mountain Qaras. For other uses, see Hatunqucha.
Location Peru
Ancash Region
Coordinates 8°55′41″S 77°39′33″W / 8.92806°S 77.65917°W / -8.92806; -77.65917Coordinates: 8°55′41″S 77°39′33″W / 8.92806°S 77.65917°W / -8.92806; -77.65917[1]

Hatunqucha (Quechua hatun (in Bolivia always jatun) big, large qucha lake, "big lake", hispanicized spelling Jatuncocha) is a lake in the Cordillera Blanca in the Andes of Peru located in the Ancash Region, Huaylas Province, Santa Cruz District.[2][3][4] It lies in the Santa Cruz gorge, between the mountains Kitarahu in the north and Qaras in the south, northeast of the smaller lake Ichikqucha.

The little river Yuraqmayu flows through the lake. It is a right tributary of the Santa River.


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