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Haus Publishing
Status Active
Founded 2002
Country of origin  United Kingdom
Headquarters location London
Distribution Worldwide
Publication types Books
Imprints Arabia Books
Official website

Haus Publishing is a London-based publishing company which was formally established in 2002.[1]


Haus Publishing was founded in 2002 by Barbara Schwepcke, the former publisher of Prospect magazine. They publish History, biography, travel literature, art monographs and fiction.

The Makers of the Modern World series is a thirty-two-book series of biographies of the countries and their representatives at the Paris Peace Conferences of 1919–1923. Published between 2008 and 2010, it focuses on incorporating a global view of the historical events.[2]

Arabia Books[edit]

Arabia Books was founded as a joint venture by Haus Publishing and the independent UK publisher Arcadia Books in March 2008. The imprint publishes contemporary fiction in translation from the Arabic. Arcadia are no longer involved with the running of Arabia Books.[3]


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