Hava Volovich

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Hava Volovich
Hava Volovich 1935.jpg
Born 1916
Died 2000
Mena, Ukraine, USSR
Occupation Writer, actress, director
Notable works Vospominaniia (memoirs)

Hava Vladimirovna Volovich (Russian: Хава Владимировна Волович;1916–2000), was a Russian writer, actress, director and a Gulag survivor.[1] Hava Volovich is known for her Memoirs,[2] that are extremely valuable both historically and literary. Her notes from the prison-camp are being compared to Shalamov's stories and The Diary of a Young Girl by Anna Frank. Volovich narrates, with heartbreaking honesty, the story of her child born in the camp. Against everything that has been written about the selfishness, the venality of the women who bore children in the camps, stands the story of Hava Volovich. An american journalist and autor who has written about communism Anne Applebaum wrote about Hava Volovich in her Antologi "Gulag Voises" - Even in this extraordinary collections of essays, some by famous writeres, Volovich story stand out: she, like Elena Glinka, was not afraid to touch an taboo subjects[3]


Hava Vladimirovna (Vilkovna) Volovich was born into a Jewish family in the small Ukraine town Mena in 1916. In 1934 she finished a seven year school and worked as typesetter followed by a job as sub-editor with a local newspaper. She was arrested on August 14, 1937 on the charge of Anti-Soviet agitation and sentenced to fifteen years "ITL" [4] She served her time in "Sevzheldorlag" (lumbering) at the "Mariinsky Mine" (Мариинский прииск) (farm work), in "Ozerlag" and in "Dzhezkasgan". In 1942, she had a daughter, who died in a camp in 1944. For many years she participated in the camp amateur productions, acting in the camp theater and organizing a marionette theater. She was released on April 20, 1953. After the camp, she lived in exile until 1956. In 1957, she returned to her hometown. Starting in 1958, she directed the local club puppet theater. She was exonerated on December 28, 1963. She died in Mena on February 14, 2000.

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