Have You Heard?

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"Have You Heard?"
Published 1952
Writer Lew Douglas, Charlie LaVere, Roy Rodde
Recorded by Joni James, The Duprees, The Belmonts, Tony Brent, Lita Roza, Sonny Til and The Orioles, The Beverley Sisters

"Have You Heard?" is a popular song written by Lew Douglas, Charlie LaVere, and Roy Rodde and published in 1952. The biggest hit version was recorded by Joni James in 1952, charting the next year. The song was revived by The Duprees and became a hit again in 1963.

The recording by Joni James was released by MGM Records as catalog number 11390. It first reached the Billboard magazine charts on December 27, 1952 and lasted 14 weeks on the chart, peaking at #4.[1] The flip side was "Wishing Ring."

Recorded versions[edit]


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