Hawk Junction, Ontario

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Hawk Junction is a community with a local services board in the Canadian province of Ontario,[1] located just north of Highway 101, about 30 kilometres (19 mi) east of Wawa.

The community was established by people of Italian, Scottish and French descent in 1909 when the Algoma Central Railway was built through the area. In 1923-1924 it was completely destroyed by fire. The community was rebuilt and is now a terminal for the Algoma Central Railway.[2]

Hawk Junction has few local services and relies on nearby Wawa for its services. It is a popular starting point for wilderness hunting and fishing trips. During the winter Hawk Junction is a major snowmobile drop off point.[2]

ACR station in Hawk Junction
Quiet main street


Census Population
2006 244
2011 190


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Coordinates: 48°04′59″N 84°33′00″W / 48.083°N 84.550°W / 48.083; -84.550 (Hawk Junction)