Hawk Nelson discography

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Hawk Nelson discography

Hawk Nelson performing at Wonder Jam 2009 at Canada's Wonderland, in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Studio albums 6
Compilation albums 2
EPs 9
Singles 16
Music videos 11

The following is a comprehensive discography of Hawk Nelson, a Canadian Christian rock band. The band has released four studio albums to date, and is currently signed to Fair Trade Services.


Independent albums[edit]

Year Album details
2000 Riding Around the Parkdagger
2003 Saturday Rock Action
  • Released: 2003
  • Label: Independent

daggerReleased under the band name, SWISH[1]

Studio albums[edit]

Year Album details Chart peaks[2]
US US Christ US Rock US Alt
2004 Letters to the President 35
2006 Smile, It's the End of the World
  • Released: April 4, 2006
  • Label: Tooth & Nail Records
75 3
2008 Hawk Nelson Is My Friend 34 1 13 10
2009 Live Life Loud
  • Released: September 22, 2009
  • Label: BEC Recordings
54 3 20 14
2011 Crazy Love
  • Released: February 8, 2011
  • Label: BEC Recordings
87 3 21 12
2013 Made[3]
  • Released: April 2, 2013
  • Label: Fair Trade Services
192 15
"—" denotes a release that did not chart.

Compilation albums[edit]

Title Released Label Notes
The Songs You've Already Heard: Best of Hawk Nelson March 27, 2012 BEC Recordings [4]
Hawkology: The Anthology of Hawk Nelson June 8, 2010 BEC Recordings none


Release Date EP Title Record Label Details
February 28, 2004 California EP Tooth & Nail Records Second EP leading up to debut album
December 20, 2005 Bring 'Em Out Third EP bridging first and second album, Digital EP only available on iTunes Store
November 21, 2006 Gloria EP Fourth EP, featuring Christmas songs
October 21, 2008 One Little Miracle EP BEC Recordings Fifth EP, featuring Amy Grant as part of their One Little Miracle Campaign iTunes Store
December, 2008 Let's Dance: The Remixes Tooth & Nail Records Remix EP featuring a remix by each member of the band, of the song Let's Dance
June 16, 2009 Summer EP EP for summer
February 8, 2011 The Light Sides Acoustic EP that is packaged with the album Crazy Love
November 1, 2011 Christmas EP[5] BEC Recordings An EP for Christmas.


Release Date Single Title US
2004 Every Little Thing
Letters to the President
Things We Go Through
Take Me
2006 Everything You Ever Wanted 14
The Show 20
Zero 17
2007 Friend Like That 19
2008 You Have What I Need
One Little Miracle 22
Let's Dance
2009 Live Life Loud 50
Meaning of Life 37
2010 Crazy Love 22
2013 Words 6
2014 A Million Miles Away


Song appearances on compilations[edit]

Year Album Song(s) Label
2005 X 2005 "California" BEC Recordings
2006 X 2006 "The One Thing I Have Left"
27th Annual Covenant Hits "Every Little Thing" CMC Distribution
WOW Hits 2007 "Everything You Ever Wanted" EMI Music Group
2007 X 2007 "Is Forever Enough" BEC Recordings
X Worship "Everything You Ever Wanted"
Charlotte's Web "Everything You Ever Wanted" Sony Classical
2008 GMA Canada presents 30th Anniversary Collection "Every Little Thing" CMC Distribution
The Ultimate Collection: Tooth & Nail Records "The One Thing I Have Left" Tooth & Nail Records
X 2008 "The Show" Tooth and Nail
JCPenney Presents: Don't You Forget About Me (The Covers) EP "Don't You (Forget About Me)" EMI America Records
Canada Rocks "Friend Like That" CMC Distribution
WOW Hits 2009 "Friend Like That" Word Entertainment
X Christmas "Gloria" BEC Recordings
2009 X 2009 "Friend Like That" BEC Recordings
Sea to Sea: Christmas "Alleluia" Lakeside Media
WOW Hits 2010 "Meaning Of Life" Word Entertainment
2010 Acoustic Playlist: Medium "One Little Miracle" (featuring Amy Grant) Starsong / EMD
Rock What You Got "Friend Like That"
Christian Radio #1 Hits "Everything You Ever Wanted"
2011 WOW #1s: Yellow "Everything You Ever Wanted" Word Distribution

Music videos[edit]

  • "California" (Letters to the President, 2004)[7]
  • "Every Little Thing" (Letters to the President, 2004)[8]
  • "From Underneath" (Letters to the President, 2004)[9]
  • "Letters to the President" (Letters to the President, 2005)[10]
  • "Bring 'Em Out (live, featuring Drake Bell)" (Soundtrack: Yours, Mine and Ours, 2005)[11]
  • "The One Thing I Have Left" (Smile, It's the End of the World, 2006)[12]
  • "Zero" (Smile, It's the End of the World, 2007)[13]
  • "Friend Like That" (Hawk Nelson Is My Friend, 2008)[14]
  • "Live Life Loud" (Live Life Loud, 2009)[15]
  • "Shaken" (Live Life Loud, 2010)[16]
  • "Crazy Love" (Crazy Love, 2011)
  • "Words" (Made, 2013)