Hawkins Hall at Purdue University

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Hawkins Hall is one of the residential dorms on the Purdue campus. It is located on the south side of the campus, across from the Purdue Memorial Union. Hawkins Hall is offered to graduate students and undergraduate students, ages 20 years or older. It creates an international community by carrying students from over 50 countries.


Hawkins Hall was retitled from Graduate House West to George A. Hawkins Graduate House after the name of the former administrator, Dr. Hawkins, in 1981. Dr. Hawkins was an engineering teacher and researcher, vice president for academic affairs, and dean of the School of Engineering. He served 44 years as the Purdue staff. Hawkins received his BSME in 1930, then worked for his master's degree, received in 1932, as a graduate assistant at Purdue. In 1935, he also received his PhD in engineering at Purdue. Hawkins also contributed a big role in the study of thermodynamics and heat transfer through the book by him and Jakob. He served as a professor of mechanical engineering and thermodynamics in 1943. Later, he was selected as dean of the School of Engineering.[1]


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