Hawler Medical University

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Hawler Medical University
زانكۆی هه‌ولێری پزیشكی
Established 2005
President Pishtewan H. Al-Bazzaz
Location Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq
Coordinates: 36°11′31″N 44°2′15″E / 36.19194°N 44.03750°E / 36.19194; 44.03750
Publications Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences
Website www.hmu.edu.krd

Hawler Medical University is located in Erbil (Kurdish: Hewler), capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. It was established in 2005.

The university is made up of five colleges. The colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Nursing were formerly belonged to Salahaddin University in Arbil. The university also includes a Medical Research Center and the newly established College of Health Sciences that includes the departments of medical microbiology and clinical biochemistry.


As the result of rapid development of Kurdish society in last years, building a university, comprising only medical colleges, became a necessary step for better health care in the region.

So in July 2005,the establishment of Hawler Medical University come to reality.

Even though the university is newly established, the four colleges are in place since years. They were under the management of Salahaddin University. Hawler Medical University has been established to oversee these four colleges with the aim of improving the health and medical education and promoting the health system and science in Kurdistan Region and Iraq as a whole. [1]

Aim of HMU[edit]

The main aim of HMU is for students to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience, new roles and new behaviours that will be required in a reformed health care system which is tremendously needed in Iraq after long years of instability that severely exhausted the health system.

Hawler Medical University is responsive to society's needs as an academic leader shaping the future of healthcare education, research and patient service. We welcome qualified, talented and highly motivated students who view this challenge as their mission to serve their population. [2]


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