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The Hawthorn-Monash University Cricket Club is an Australian cricket club based at Monash University, Clayton campus, situated in Clayton, Victoria. They play in Victorian Premier Cricket, the highest competition in the state.


Inaugural club, originally known as East Melbourne. When the Victorian Railways took over the East Melbourne Oval for expansion to its railyards the club amalgamated with Hawthorn (Sub-District) in 1921 and moved to Glenferrie Oval.

In the 1980s the club was hampered by the success of its co-tenant, the Hawthorn Football Club, and being unable to use the oval until after the football club's finals campaign had finished, the cricket club agreed with financial assistance to relocate. In 1989 it moved to Central Reserve, Waverley upon the amalgamation of Waverley and Dandenong at Dandenong.

The club amalgamated with Monash University (Sub-District) in 2003 and moved to the Monash University Sports Complex in Clayton in 2004, changing its name to Hawthorn-Monash University.

The club's Monash University ground will be taken over during 2015 by a new residential development on the campus, and the club has announced that it will amalgamate with the Dandenong Cricket Club from the 2015-16 season, and likely be based at Dandenong's Shepley Oval.[1]


First grade premierships:[2]

  • 1906–07 East Melbourne
  • 1907–08 East Melbourne
  • 1927–28 Hawthorn East Melbourne
  • 1949–50 Hawthorn East Melbourne
  • 1950–51 Hawthorn East Melbourne
  • 1955–56 Hawthorn East Melbourne
  • 1962–63 Hawthorn East Melbourne
  • 1971–72 Hawthorn East Melbourne
  • 1998–99 Hawthorn Waverley


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