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Haley Sanderson, 2009

Hayley Sanderson is a London-based singer and saxophonist who rose to fame with the release of her debut single Something in the Air. The song was originally a #1 hit in the summer of 1969 for Thunderclap Newman. The song had been chosen by British telecommunications company TalkTalk Group to advertise free broadband on television. Clemmow Hornby Inge, the advertising agency contracted to deliver the marketing campaign, felt the advert warranted a more subtle version of the song and discovered Hayley on a visit to the London jazz club Ronnie Scott's, where she performed regularly with The Leo Green Experience.

"Something in the Air" was re-recorded at Abbey Road studios with a 35-strong string arrangement and appeared on iTunes on 31 July 2006, with a store release on 7 August. All TalkTalk proceeds from the song were donated to TreeHouse, the UK's national charity for autism education. It reached #61 on the UK Singles Chart.

Sanderson's debut album Just Songs was released in October 2009 and features a selection of songs which are mainly covers but includes originals.

Hayley Sanderson is one of the vocalists on Strictly Come Dancing and also performs regularly with the Pink Floyd tribute band Think Floyd on vocals and saxophone, and with Kitsch Lounge Riot. She was born in Peterborough. In 2011 she recorded a duet with Gilbert O'Sullivan on his album 'Gilbertville', in the Fats Domino-like song 'Here's Why'.

In April and May 2014, Sanderson toured with Rick Wakeman for 40th Anniversary tour of Journey to the Centre of the Earth and appears on the new studio version of the album.

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