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Leyla Hazal Kaya
Born (1990-10-01) October 1, 1990 (age 24)
Gaziantep, Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Occupation Actress, Model
Years active 2006–present
Height 5 ft 3 in (160 cm) [1]

Leyla Hazal Kaya (born October 1, 1990) is a Turkish actress and model.

Early life[edit]

Hazal Kaya attended Italian High School in Istanbul and graduated in 2010. She is continuing her studies in Istanbul. Her parents who were both lawyers divorced when she was 7 years old. She was introduced to the world of arts at a very young age, as a child she took ballet and violin lessons for 7 years. Kaya speaks, Italian and French fluently. Currently, she is learning her fifth language, German.


Kaya started her acting career with TV series Genco where she took one of the leading roles. In 2008, Kaya continued as one of the leading actresses by playing Nihal Ziyagil in a modern day adaptation of Aşk-ı Memnu. Kaya played in the first two seasons of TV series titled Adını Feriha Koydum (I Named Her Feriha) as Feriha Yılmaz (2012). The series has one of the highest TV ratings in Turkey, and is also very popular in the Arab World[2] and Bulgaria.[3] She played the role of a porter's daughter trapped between two lives and falls in love with the wealthy boy Emir Sarrafoglu. In late 2012,she starred in a new serie called "Son Yaz" but the serie was taken off air after 4 episodes because of expensive production.In 2013,she starred in a series called A.Ş.K and she continues to shine as a main actress.


  • Genco (2010)
  • Behzat Ç. - Seni kalbime gömdüm (2011)
  • Çalgi çengi (2011)
  • Ay Büyürken Uyuyamam (2011)
  • Aşk-ı Memnu (2008-2010)
  • Adini Feriha Koydum (2011-2012)
  • Bu Son Olsun (2012)
  • A.Ş.K. (2013)
  • Itirazim Var (2014)


  • Tofita (2007)
  • Turkcell (2007)
  • Eti (2008)
  • Nescafe (2009)
  • Penti (2010)
  • Bingo (2012–present)
  • Lux Arabia(2014)

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