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Hazara Division in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Hazara Division was an administrative division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan, until the reforms of 2000 abolished the third tier of government.

At abolition it contained the following districts:[1]


On the dissolution of West Pakistan in 1970, Hazara District and the two attached tribal agencies were merged to form the new Hazara Division with its capital at Abbottabad. The division was initially composed of three districts (Abbottabad District, Kohistan District and Mansehra District) but within a few years, Haripur District was spun off from Abbottabad District and Batagram District was spun off from Mansehra District.

Hazara remained a District right up to its conversion into a Division in 1976. In October 1976, Mansehra was given the status of a full-fledged District, which consisted of Mansehra and Batagram Tehsils. Subsequently in July 1991, Haripur Tehsil was separated from Abbottabad and made into a district. Thus only the old Tehsil of Abbottabad remained, which was declared as Abbottabad District.

In 2000, administrative divisions were abolished and the fourth tier districts were raised to become the new third tier of government in Pakistan.

More recently in January 2011, a new district of Tor Ghar or Kala Dhaka has been added to this division.[2]

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    Note: Although divisions as an administrative structure has been abolished, the election commission of Pakistan still groups districts under the division names
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