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Hazarbuz is a Pashton tribe primarily found in the Rodat district of Nangrahar province in Afghanistan. They have high contribution in the development of Afghan economy. Most Hazarbuz are local businessmen, which include Haji Zarab Gul,Haji Najeeb Zarab who are pastoral nomads of eastern Afghanistan and form a section of the Pashtun. They lived their life as nomadic, travelling from one place to another depending on time of season's. Their base land is Jalalabad (a province of Afghanistan on the north-east) Until the 1920s, the Hazarbuz lived principally as herders, concentrating on sheep (despite their name, which means “a thousand goats”). Because their migration routes coincided with a major arm of the silk route, they became more involved in transporting and then trading, typically bringing tea from Bukhara and India into Afghanistan. As they became more and more successful, an increasing number of households gave up Nomadism and settled in Kabul or Helband but after the soviet invasion and civil war, majority of them took refuge to neighbor country Pakistan.[citation needed]