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The Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) is an initiative devoted to providing medical care to patients in hazardous or 'hot' environments. Often these teams use special vehicles and equipment.[1] Hazardous Area Response Teams originated from a 2004 report on the feasibility of paramedics working in the hot zone or inner cordon of major incidents.[2] These specially trained teams work side by side with police forces and firefighters and are often equipped with sophisticated technology such as voice activated systems, touch screen monitors, and special vehicles with computer screens inside and out. The vehicles have special software making it possible to work in various areas. The team members are on call 24/7.[3] Teams are activated and sent to various incidents, such as explosions, collapsed buildings, and chemical incidents.

Divisions of HART[edit]

Theoretically, all of the following divisions/capabilities of HART should exist.[4] However, most of these areas have not been fully developed yet; this includes the Marine Incident Response Group.

Operational Areas[edit]


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