Hazel Green High School

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Hazel Green High School
Hazel Green
Hazel Green, Alabama, United States
Coordinates 34°56′10″N 86°34′12″W / 34.936°N 86.570°W / 34.936; -86.570Coordinates: 34°56′10″N 86°34′12″W / 34.936°N 86.570°W / 34.936; -86.570
Type Public
Motto A Home for the Mind
Established 1994
Principal Darrell Long
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 1,346
Color(s) Red, White & Black             

Hazel Green High School (HGHS) is a public high school in Hazel Green, Alabama, United States. It is operated by the Madison County Board of Education. Hazel Green High School currently serves 1,346 students in grades 9-12.



Hazel Green High School has a long line of history that forms the present school open today. 1819 is the earliest record of a school in Hazel Green, Alabama. As of that time, the area of Hazel Green was extremely rural. Hazel Green School, as it was known by, was a small private schoolhouse located somewhere between what is now Hazel Green Elementary and Highway 431. Students were solicited in the Alabama Republican to attend Hazel Green School for one dollar per month. After that time, records show that numerous other schools were started.[1] All schools within the Hazel Green district were private until a school with the same name of Hazel Green School emerged in 1920.[2] On May 8, 1916, an amount of one thousand dollars was approved and granted to build the new public Hazel Green School. A two-story building was constructed holding ninety-seven students and three teachers within its first year of operation.[1] From there, Hazel Green School was rebuilt four times (rebuilt in 1928, 1962, and 1994 to hold more capacity.) From 1920 until fall of 1994, Hazel Green School was a unit school for grades K-12. It was not until 1994 that Hazel Green School's upper grades were formed into Hazel Green High School (grades 9–12.)[2] In 2010, a sixteen million-dollar renovation and addition was completed. This addition added eleven new classrooms (including two biology/chemistry labs, home econ labs and a special needs facility), a state-of-the-art cafeteria, band room and a gymnasium. This addition also made it possible for Hazel Green to complete its freshman academy.


Originally, due to the school's mascot, Hazel Green school was known as the Greenies (mythical elf-like creature.) This changed however when considerations arose in the 1960s about the school color in comparison to the mascot—the colors at the time were red and white. The HGS Booster club decided either the colors or the mascot had to be replaced. In 1965, Hazel Green School's mascot was switched to the Trojans.[3]

Notable alumni[edit]

Courses offered[edit]

Advanced Placement classes offered include the following: Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry, Biology, English 11 & 12, Spanish, and History 11.


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