Hazel Levesque

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Hazel Levesque
The Heroes of Olympus character
First appearance The Son of Neptune
Gender Female
Species Demigod
Immortal Parent Pluto
Abilities Geokinesis
Control over precious metals (Opekinesis)
Can sense the dead
Weapon(s) Spatha

Hazel Levesque is a fictional character in The Son of Neptune, the second book of Rick Riordan's The Heroes of Olympus series, where she is one of three narrators.[1] A demigod daughter of Pluto, she resides at Camp Jupiter, a secret camp built to train Roman demigods. She was brought to Camp Jupiter by her half-brother Nico di Angelo, a major character in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.


The Son of Neptune[edit]

Hazel is introduced in the second chapter of The Son of Neptune. During the course of the book, her history is revealed through flashbacks. She was rescued from the Underworld by Nico di Angelo. It is revealed that she is a daughter of Pluto, and that she was born in or around 1929 and lived in New Orleans. Her mother was a woman named Queen Marie, a mortal, who summoned Pluto during a spirit ritual. Queen Marie's relationship with Pluto resulted in Hazel. Pluto granted Queen Marie one wish, and she asked for all the riches of the earth. Pluto warned that the greatest wishes would be the worst curses but Marie ignored this. When Hazel was born, she had the ability to summon precious metals and gems from underground. This gift appears most when Hazel is nervous or under pressure. People see this ability as a curse, as anyone who has possession of the gems or metals dies or gets seriously hurt not long after gaining possession of them.

On Hazel's thirteenth birthday, Gaea, the goddess of the Earth, appears in another of Queen Marie's spirit rituals, and uses Queen Marie's resentment of Pluto for giving her a "cursed child" to persuade her to leave New Orleans and come to Alaska, the land beyond the gods, where Gaea tricks Hazel into raising Alcyoneus, using diamonds as his heart, and petroleum as his blood. Hazel dies in 1942 while preventing Alcyoneus from rising.

In the Underworld, when she is judged, she is shown what her life would have been if she hadn't died. If she had lived, she would have grown up and married Sammy Valdez, her childhood friend and boyfriend (hinted to be Leo Valdez's ancestor). Instead of going to Elysium, while her mother goes to Eternal Punishment, she begs the judges to let both her and Queen Marie go to the Fields of Asphodel by claiming that Alcyoneus's rising was her fault also.

After what seems like an eternity to Hazel, Nico di Angelo rescues her from the Fields of Asphodel, giving her a second chance at life. Nico takes her to Camp Jupiter, where she is officially claimed by Pluto and joins the Fifth Cohort. She became a full legionnaire when she stopped a unicorn herd from trampling her centurion Dakota. It is at the entrance to Camp Jupiter that Hazel is first introduced, standing guard with Frank Zhang, another member of the legion.

Throughout the book, Hazel has numerous "blackouts," where she appears to go into a deep sleep, when in reality, she is reliving certain moments of her past. They stop when Frank goes with Hazel on one of her blackouts, reliving her judgment and time in Asphodel, and Nico's rescue of her from the Underworld.

The Mark of Athena[edit]

While arriving at Camp Jupiter on the Argo II, Annabeth saw Percy on the ground with his arms around Frank and Hazel, as if they were old friends. Annabeth, Jason, Piper, and Leo then enter the Forum where Annabeth worries that she and Percy may have started a relationship. She quickly dismisses the thought instead pairing her with Frank. After the attack on New Rome, Hazel and Arion cause a distraction to let their friends escape. She later reunites with the others in Utah, where she wonders if Leo is Sammy Valdez. When Leo tells the seven that they need supplies, she accompanies him to the Salt Lake. They soon come across Nemesis where Hazel sees one of her past teachers. Nemesis tells them to find her brother by the Kalends of Juno and vanishes. Hazel and Leo share many romantic awkward moments until running across Echo and Narcissus. While Leo and Echo distract the cursed boy, Hazel manages to steal a sheet of Celestial bronze with her powers and flees with Leo toward the Argo II. Hazel is later seen when Piper attempts to get rid of the eidolons, helping to catch Jason after they are banished. She later fans her face and seems flustered after Percy and Annabeth are caught alone together in the stables. Hazel later heads with Piper and Annabeth to Charleston Park where they meet Aphrodite. The goddess tells Hazel to fix her clothes so she could look even more beautiful. The trio are later surrounded by Octavian and Romans, but Percy manages to save them. Hazel, Piper, and Percy stay on board while Annabeth heads into Fort Sumter to rescue Jason, Leo, and Frank, and find the map to help her on her quest.

After they make it into the Atlantic Ocean, Hazel shows Leo a flashback of her life. There, she explains that Sammy was her boyfriend and he and Leo look exactly the same. One of Leo's memories take over, and Sammy is revealed to be Leo's great-grandfather and that he met Hera, who told him he won't live to see Hazel's greatest danger. The flashback ends and Leo and Hazel start to talk about what they saw. However, the group is attacked by a skolopendra nicknamed Shrimpzilla, and she tries to help Leo unleash Greek fire to destroy it. Gleeson Hedge then tells the crew that Hazel and Leo were holding hands much to Frank's horror. However, Hazel, Leo, and Frank are taken overboard and land in the underwater city of the ichthyocentaur. Leo explains everything that really happened while Hazel quickly makes friends with the icthyocentaur and they reunite with their friends.

Hazel stays on the ship while Jason and Piper meet Hercules. She is later taken captive by Chrysaor along with the rest of the crew except Frank. After Percy and Frank defeat him, the crew reach Rome, Italy. Hazel, along with Frank and Leo, track Nico di Angelo into the Pantheon. Leo soon uncovers a tunnel that Hazel volunteers to investigate. However, the eidolons attack once again and force Leo and Frank into the tunnel. The trio soon enter a workshop filled with inventions created by Archimedes that Leo becomes fascinated by. Hazel and Frank are soon tasered to unconsciousness by a Taser Ball possessed by an eidolon. Two eidolons possess unworkable machines and threaten to kill Leo with them. Frank wakes up in time to guard Hazel as Leo destroys the eidolons with Archimedes' sphere. Leo sadly tells Hazel that she was tracking Nico by his sword. Hazel, grief-stricken, then asks where Nico could be. Gaea laughs in the trio's faces, and shows them that Annabeth is facing her mother's mortal enemy and Jason, Piper, and Percy are drowning.

Hazel appears again with Leo, Frank, and Coach Hedge as they enter the Colosseum, rescuing Percy, Jason, Piper, and Nico. Leo tells them he had thought of an escape plan. Hazel reunites with Nico, who informs them that the mortal side of the Doors of Death are in The House of Hades. Leo, Hazel, and Frank inform that Gaea had shown them Annabeth was in trouble and they head out to rescue her. The Argo II and its crew arrive at Arachne's lair where Annabeth has barely survived the experience. Jason, Piper, Leo, and Frank secure the Athena Parthenos to the Argo II when Annabeth is dragged into a pit. Hazel desperately warns them to cut the spider silk as Nico tries to save Percy and Annabeth. Percy grabs on to Annabeth as Hazel continues to plead for help. However, Percy makes Nico promise he'll take the four to the House of Hades while he and Annabeth fall into Tartarus.

Hazel, Frank, Jason, Piper, Leo, Nico, and Coach Hedge, all aboard the Argo II, then decide to follow Percy's orders and set sail to Eprius, Greece to save them from the House of Hades.

The House of Hades[edit]

The Argo II is being attacked by earth spirits who are attacking with boulders. Hazel is almost hit by a boulder but ducks as the mast is hit and tumbles everywhere, along with Nico. Hazel runs to go help Nico up from the debris that are on him. After Hazel tells Leo that they need to leave the mountains, she starts to think of her home, Camp Jupiter, and how much she misses it. The trio decide that they should let the others sleep and come up with a plan for going around the mountains. Hazel believes that it is Nico and her fault for not being able to go through the mountain because children of Pluto/Hades are not liked by earth spirits. Hazel suggests that they go by sea, but without Percy it would almost be impossible. After the trio has almost run out of ideas, Hazel prays to her dad for the first time asking him to give them a sign. Hazel then spots something in the distance: Arion. She tells Leo to bring the ship as close to the ground so she can talk to him. She then meets Hecate who gives her a choice at the crossroads, choosing to go North, learning that she has to be able to control the Mist to defeat her enemy awaiting her at the Doors of Death. Hecate told her that Gale, a polecat who was once a witch, will be keeping an eye on her to track her progress. While in Venice, Hazel, Frank, and Nico ran into some katoblepones. Hazel and Nico ran while Frank stayed there to distract the katoblepones. Hazel was knocked out by the creatures and was dying slowly. Frank and Nico took Hazel to Trip, who is revealed as Triptolemus, god of agriculture, who they later realize that Triptolemus follows Demeter. He only decides to help if Frank brings him a snake. Frank (who has been having Mars and Ares talking in his head so far) asks his father (Mars) what to do and Frank decides to kill all the katoblepones in the whole city. After he does that, Mars rewards him with a snake and goes to bring it back to the house. The person fixes Hazel and Nico (who was turned into a corn plant by Triptolemus). Hazel realizes that Frank has grown and has built muscle! Nico says that it was a gift from Mars. Also, on the trip to the doors of death she and the rest of the crew get trapped by a bandit named Sciron. She and Jason travel up the mountain to meet him and Hazel has to use her power over the mist to defeat him. Hazel is a hero again in the end, when she helps close the Doors of Death and sends Pasiphae, the evil sorceress, back to Tartaurus. She tells Leo that she is sorry that she thought that Leo was Sammy and messing everything up. They rescue Percy and Annabeth and meet Reyna back on the Argo II. Finally, the Argo II sails into the night.


Throughout the book, Hazel is shown to be bright and outgoing with a love for creativity and horseback riding. She tames Arion, the immortal horse son of Demeter (the Roman form : Ceres) and Poseidon (the Roman form : Neptune) - a feat not even the Amazons could do. Hazel has a dislike for boating and curses, and she is somewhat secretive, due to her past and her apparent "curse". Hazel states that it would not take much to make her bitter like her mother.

Physical Appearance[edit]

She is described as being African American, with long, curly cinnamon brown colored hair and hazel golden eyes which look like fifteen karat gold. She is marked with a glyph, the letters SPQR, and one stripe for the one year of service that she got only a few weeks before Percy arrived. Leo and Frank consider her to be very pretty; while Percy states that Hazel's mother looks just like Hazel, saying Marie Levesque was "beautiful." Those who see her find as confident and say that she stands tall.


Hazel is a demigod, daughter of Pluto (the Roman form of Hades), the god of the dead and wealth, and a mortal named Marie Levesque (more commonly called Queen Marie). Queen Marie was a fortune teller living in New Orleans before and during the first half of World War Two. She does not make a physical appearance during the books, only being remembered by Hazel in flashbacks. Nico di Angelo and Bianca di Angelo are her half siblings on the godly side, as they are the children of Hades, the Greek form of Pluto.


Hazel's love interest is Frank Zhang, a son of Mars, (the Roman form of Ares) and a descendent of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, and the Greek form of Neptune. It is described that, in the beginning of The Son of Neptune, "Hazel's heart did a little two-step." Hazel kisses him towards the end of the book.

Hazel's first boyfriend was Sammy Valdez, a childhood friend from New Orleans. It was stated by the judges of the Underworld, that if Hazel had lived, she would have married him. Gaia tells her that Sammy eventually grew up, married, and moved to Texas; however he never forgot her. Hazel is led to believe that he died of a heart attack in the 1960s. When Percy, Frank, and Hazel meet Leo Valdez, a main character of the The Lost Hero, he looks and talks exactly like Sammy, and it is implied that he is Sammy's great-grandson. In The Mark of Athena, Hazel and Leo share a flashback, while holding hands, and it is confirmed that Leo is his great grandson and that Sammy did not die in the nineteen sixties. In the flashback, Sammy is holding baby Leo and declares that one day Leo and Hazel will meet. When Leo and Hazel awake from sharing the flashback, Coach Hedge noticed them "holding hands and staring into each other's eyes for so long," and announces it so Frank overhears. Frank becomes angry, and is quite jealous of Leo throughout the book. But Leo explains to him that he is not trying to steal "Frank's girl." Leo thinks Hazel is beautiful, and they also hold hands accidentally on a boulder. Hazel's feelings about him seem confused, and are yet to be known, as she did not have a point of view in The Mark of Athena. But in the House of Hades Leo went to Calypso's island and fell in love with her and swore on the river Styx that he would come back for her, so it seems that Leo and Hazel are now definitely only friends.


Hazel's curse causes cursed gems and other precious metals to pop up from underground if she is agitated or stays for too long in one place.She is said to be able to "feel" tunnels, underground mines, and trapdoors. Also in subject, allowed to destroy them. Hazel also can control riches (gold, gems,etc.) as one of Pluto's spheres of control is riches. Between Hazel and Nico, they control both of their fathers spheres of influence- death and wealth. She has the ability to sense the dead that are nearby and geokinesis. Although she quoted in The Son of Neptune, she thinks Nico had gotten the better end of the deal, meaning has gotten better abilities then herself. Though she dislikes her abilities, they have been saving her in her quest to Alaska. Like most demigods, she has ADHD and dyslexia. Also, she is very good at taming horses because she could tame Arion who,is now hers. In the House of Hades, Hazel also finds out that she is able to manipulate the Mist. She uses this power against Sciron and Pasiphae.


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