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This article is about the alternative country band. For the director and production company Hazeldine Films, see Stuart Hazeldine.

Hazeldine were an American alternative country band based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Members were Shawn Barton (vocals, guitar), Tonya Lamm (guitar, vocals), Jeffrey Richards (guitar, banjo, drums), and Anne Tkach (bass). They were more popular in Europe than in the US. Their records were released on the German independent record label Glitterhouse Records. They had a brief deal with the major label Polydor that failed mainly due to a music industry merger where the record company was "swallowed" by the Universal Music Group.

Lamm currently tours with Tres Chicas, Tkach plays and sings for numerous bands, among them Bad Folk, and Barton is married and living in Jacksonville, Florida.


  • How Bees Fly (Glitterhouse, 1997)
  • Digging You Up (Polydor, 1998)
  • Double Back (Glitterhouse, 2001)
  • Orphans (Glitterhouse, 2002)