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Artist Unknown artist
Year Edo period
Dimensions 29.6 cm × 1003.1 cm (11.7 in × 394.9 in)

He-Gassen (Japanese: 屁合戦, literally: "Fart battle") is a Japanese art scroll created during the Edo period by an unknown artist or several unknown artists.[1] The scroll depicts various scenes with one peculiar characteristic reoccurring throughout the scroll, namely that at least one character is having a bout of flatulence directed against other characters.[1] The scroll was made with the intention to highlight the political and social changes in Japan.[1]Certain organizations make the claim this scroll and other similar drawings were created in response to increasing intrusion of Europeans in Japan during the Edo period. This claim is most likely false as they are unable to explain why this is true therefor it doesn't hold up to scrutiny[1]

The scroll has been digitized by the Waseda University Library.

PHegassen scroll
Complete He-gassen scroll


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