He Laughed Last

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He Laughed Last
Directed by Blake Edwards
Produced by Jonie Taps
Written by Blake Edwards
Richard Quine
Starring Frankie Laine
Lucy Marlow
Music by Arthur Morton
Cinematography Henry Freulich
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release dates 12 August 1956
Running time 77 minutes
Language English

He Laughed Last is a 1956 film by Blake Edwards. A Runyonesque Roaring 20s musical comedy about a show girl who circumstance casts as an unlikely mob boss. Edwards adapted the film for his 1999 off-Broadway show, Big Rosemary. Edwards directed Cady Huffman in the Lucy Marlow role from the original. Edwards rewrote the show which he directed for a 2004 Los Angeles stage production starring Jennifer Leigh Warren. One of the highlights of the movie was when Frankie Laine sang a wonderful version of "Danny Boy" at the funeral of his mob boss. This song is only available on the Bear Family Records Frankie Laine CD box "I Believe". The movie was a regular on late night television for many years, and is now being shown on the Turner Classic Movies (TCM) cable channel.

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