Heading Home

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Headin' Home
Screenshot from Headin' Home
Directed by Lawrence C. Windom
Produced by William Shea (producer)
Herbert H. Yudkin (producer)
Written by Arthur "Bugs" Baer
Earle Browne (story)
Starring See below
Release dates
September 19, 1920
Running time
55 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Heading Home

Heading Home (also called Headin' Home) is a 1920 American silent film directed by Lawrence C. Windom. It attempts to create a mythology surrounding the life of baseball player Babe Ruth.

The screenplay was written by Arthur "Bugs" Baer from a story by Earle Browne. Besides Ruth, it stars Ruth Taylor, William Sheer and Margaret Seddon.

Plot summary[edit]

Ruth stars in the film, playing himself, but the details of his life are completely fictionalized. In the film, Ruth comes from a small country town and has a loving home life, but in real life, he grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and spent most of his childhood in a reformatory [1]. In the film, shades of the baseball movie The Natural, Ruth cuts down a tree to make his own bat.




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