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The Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) is a nonprofit, individual membership association which provides resources for ethics and compliance professionals in the United States. It serves over 9,500 members through publications,[1] education programs,[2] conferences and professional networking [2] including an online social network, which has over 13,000 registered users.[3] HCCA also helps professionals become certified in health care compliance.


The HCCA started as a meeting at the 1996 annual Medical Group Management Association. Attendees included Roy Snell, then the compliance officer for the University of Wisconsin and now CEO of the HCCA, Brent Saunders of Thomas Jefferson University and Edward G. Longazel from the University of Pennsylvania. [3] At HCCA’s first annual meeting, held in September 1997 in Los Angeles, CA, many members asked for more local networking opportunities. It was decided at that meeting that HCCA would establish ten HCCA Regions, based on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regions. From two members in a Minneapolis Chinese restaurant in 1996, grew to 2000 members three years later and today serves approximately 12,300 compliance professionals, including members of its sister association, the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE).[4] The HCCA has approximately 8685 members alone.[5]

Education, Publications and Events[edit]

The HCCA offers publications [4] and live training to its members.[5] Members of the HCCA have access to a repository of over 3,000 electronic documents including white papers and government memorandum. [6] These resources cover the range of challenges faced by health care compliance professionals including changing regulatory requirements from HIPAA and the OIG, as well as managing a program designed to meet the Organizational Sentencing Guidelines definition of an effective compliance program.[6] HCCA has partnered with the OIG in issuing Government-industry roundtable reports[7] to combat fraud and abuse[8] and to drive for quality in long term care.[9] In the past, Daniel Levinson, inspector general of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has spoken at HCCA Compliance Institutes.[7][10]


In 1998, the HCCA set out to develop a certification program for healthcare compliance professionals. After preliminary work by the HCCA Board of Directors and Education Committee, HCCA established the Compliance Certification Board (CCB) in 1999 to complete the process of developing an examination and assume responsibility for managing the certification program. [8]

The independent CCB is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the HCCA Board. The mission of the CCB is to develop criteria for the determination of competence in the practice of health care compliance at a variety of levels and to recognize individuals meeting these criteria. In pursuit of this mission, CCB utilizes four basic committees: Exam Development, Continuing Education, Admissions, and Ethics. Committee members are appointed by the CCB Board of Directors from among individuals Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC) and leaders in the field.

The HCCA has certification in 7 categories of healthcare compliance: CHC (Certified in Healthcare Compliance),[11] CHRC (Certified in Healthcare Research Compliance),[12] CHPC (Certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance),[13] CHC-F (Certified in Healthcare Compliance Fellowship),[14] CCEP (Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional),[15] CCEP-I (Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional- International)[16] and CCEP-F (Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional Fellowship).[17]

HCCA 2014 Executive Committee[edit]

  1. John C. Falcetano, President
  2. Gabriel Imperato, Vice President
  3. Sara Kay Wheeler, 2nd Vice President
  4. Urton Anderson, Treasurer
  5. Robert H. Ossoff, Secretary
  6. Shin Jae Kim Hong, Non-Officer Board Member to the Executive Committee
  7. Shawn Y. DeGroot, Immediate Past President

HCCA 2014 Ex Officio Executive Committee[edit]

  1. Keith J. Halleland, General Counsel
  2. Roy Snell, CEO

HCCA 2014 General Board[edit]

  1. Daniel Roach, Optum 360
  2. Debi Hinson, Compliance Consultants, Inc.
  3. Robert Hussar, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
  4. Debbie Troklus, Aegis Compliance and Ethics Center
  5. Deann M. Baker, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
  6. Jenny O'Brien, UnitedHealthcare
  7. Frank Sheeder, DLA Piper
  8. Lori J Strauss, University of Virginia Health System
  9. Margaret Hambleton, St. Joseph Health System
  10. Sheryl Vacca, University of California
  11. Art Weiss, TAMKO Building Products, Inc.

HCCA Social Network: HCCAnet[edit]

In 2008, HCCA launched a private social network that allows compliance professionals to connect online, engage in discussion, share documents including policies and procedures, and start discussion communities dedicated to particular areas of compliance, job titles, and individuals who work in various regions in the US and around the globe. The social network, now called HCCAnet, has profiles of over 13,000 compliance professionals who have used the service.

Compliance Today[edit]

A monthly magazine, available in print and as an app, providing valuable information for compliance professionals. Your name and employer’s name will be published on the "New Members" page in the magazine to showcase your commitment to the profession.

Resource Library[edit]

The HCCA has a dedicated library for members and non-members alike to easily search and have access to over 1,300 documents covering health care compliance issues.


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