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A healthcare scientist is someone who is not a physician but helps in the diagnosis and treatment of patients by applying modern science and technology within a specific discipline. Following specialised training, they also help to advance the underlying science and the technology used in practice.

Examples of health care scientists include the people who take X-rays and those who generate the results of blood tests. The National Health Service in the UK says, "There is a huge variety of roles within healthcare science, some dealing with patients, and some are more laboratory based roles, each has its own specific skills required."


This is a partial list of disciplines in which health care scientists may operate. Note that in many cases, the Wikipedia page referred to describes not the profession itself but the related area of medical research, which often goes by the same name.

Note that this list is not a list of all the sciences involved in inquiring into health care. It excludes, for example, many areas of more basic biomedical research.

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