Heart (Amanda Lear album)

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Studio album by Amanda Lear
Released October, 2001
Recorded 2001 at Barouf Studio and Studio Wolf
Genre Dance, euro disco, electronica, pop, latin pop
Length 40:32
Label Marais Prod, Dance Street, Sony Music/Neo, Silver Street
Producer FX Costello, Laurent Wolf
Amanda Lear chronology
Back in Your Arms
Paris by Night
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Second edition
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Allmusic 0/5 stars[1]

Heart is the twelfth studio album by French singer Amanda Lear, released on October 2001 by Marais Prod. The album was first issued in late 2001, her first full-length release since 1995's Alter Ego, and also her first ever album to be recorded entirely in France.

Album information[edit]

It yielded two successful singles, a cover of cult TV theme song "Love Boat" and "I Just Wanna Dance Again", remixed by Junior Vasquez, Pumpin' Dolls and Laurent Wolf. Besides this, Lear tries on a number of musical genres like the tongue-in-cheek house anthem "Do You Wanna See It?", Latin pop on "Porque Me Gusta" and as well as reciting Baudelaire on funk-jazzy "L'Invitation Au Voyage". The album, which also contains cover versions of personal favourites like Charles Aznavour/Dusty Springfield's melancholy "Hier Encore (Yesterday When I Was Young)", Burt Bacharach's "The Look Of Love" and a new rendition of "Lili Marleen", proved to be Lear's bestselling album since the late 70s in both France and Germany. Heart has been re-released under the titles Love Boat and Tendance.

Tendance, an expanded re-release of Heart, was issued by Sony Music Germany in 2003, taking its title from a French TV-series hosted by Lear at the time. The German edition omits "Manuel Guerreiro Da Luz" but adds three additional tracks, the oriental remix of "Love Boat", entitled "Rainbow Love Boat", Lear's theme song to her Italian TV-series Cocktail D'Amore composed by long-time collaborator Cristiano Malgioglio, and her 2002 duet with Belgian boyband Get Ready!, "Beats Of Love", a cover version of the 1984 hit single by Belgian band Nacht Und Nebel.

Liner notes[edit]

"J'en ai rêvé... mais le destin a voulu m'apprendre la patience et le courage avant de me permettre de réaliser cet album. Finalement un album "made in France" après tant d'autres enregistrés aux quatre coins du monde. Il y a des morceaux "sexy-clin d'oeil" (Do You Wanna See It?, Love Boat...), d'autres plus mélancoliques (Hier Encore, Baudelaire...) et il ya ce sublime texte de Paolo Coelho en italien, ainsi que ces nouvelles paroles inédites de "Lili Marlène". Je vous l'offre à vous tous qui m'aimez et qui comprenez la promesse faite à Alain Philippe, cette que j'ai de renaître et de reprendre mon envol, comme un Phoenix.... Amanda Lear Paris Novembre 2001."

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Love Boat"   Paul Williams, Charles Fox FX Costello 3:12
2. "Do U Wanna See It?"   Amanda Lear, Laurent Wolf, T. Willems Laurent Wolf 3:51
3. "Tendance"   Amanda Lear, FX Costello, T. Willems FX Costello 4:16
4. "Manuel Do Guerreido Da Luz"   FX Costello, P. Coelho FX Costello 3:16
5. "Lili Marlene"   Norbert Schultze, Tommie Connor FX Costello 3:19
6. "Hier Encore (Yesterday When I Was Young)"   Charles Aznavour, Herbert Kretzmer FX Costello 3:55
7. "Porque Me Gusta"   Amanda Lear, N. Amal, FX Costello FX Costello 4:00
8. "I Just Wanna Dance Again"   L. Fox, T. Willems Laurent Wolf 3:19
9. "Vol De Nuit"   FX Costello, T. Willems FX Costello 4:19
10. "L'Invitation Au Voyage"   Charles Baudelaire, FX Costello FX Costello 3:59
11. "The Look Of Love"   Burt Bacharach, Hal David FX Costello 4:02
12. "L'importante è finire"   Alberto Anelli, Cristiano Malgioglio FX Costello 3:19


Release history[edit]

  • 2001 France: Marais Prod. 560008 2-7.[2]
  • 2002 Germany: Dance Street DST 71060-2.
  • 2005 Germany: Love Boat ZYX/Dance Street 515 4150-2.
  • 2003 Germany: Tendance Sony Music / Le Marais Prod. 50997 510499 2-0