Heart Strings Tour

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Not to be confused with Heartstrings World Tour.
Heart Strings Tour
Tour by Bonnie Tyler
Associated album Heart Strings
Start date April 28, 2003
End date May 12, 2003
Legs 1
Shows 10 in Germany
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Heart Strings Tour
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The Heart Strings Tour was a tour by Welsh singer, Bonnie Tyler in promotion of her 2003 cover album Heart Strings. The album was recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, but because of obvious difficulties with performing with the orchestra, Tyler only performed with her band.

Set list[edit]

Tyler also performed Lean On Me on one occasion.[citation needed]

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country
April 28, 2003 Chemnitz Germany
April 29, 2003 Hamburg Germany
April 30, 2003 Krefeld Germany
May 2, 2003 Bonn Germany
May 3, 2003 Gelsenkirchen Germany
May 4, 2003 Dresden Germany
May 5, 2003 Stuttgart Germany
May 9, 2003 Paderborn Germany
May 11, 2003 Bamberg Germany
May 12, 2003 Tuttlingen Germany

Tyler headlined in the festival "Donauinselfest 2003" alongside Snap! and Deichkind, performing selections from the new album as well as several previous hits.


  • Grahame Rolfe - drums
  • Matt Prior - guitar
  • Ed Poole - bass guitar
  • John Young - piano, keyboard
  • Keith Atack - guitar, keyboard

Broadcasts and recordings[edit]

The concerts were not given much commercial support. Other than some extracts of the tour being uploaded to YouTube,[1] no official recordings were published.