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The Heartland Film Festival is a film festival held each October[1] in Indianapolis, Indiana.[2] First held in 1992,[3] its goal is to "recognize and honor filmmakers whose work explores the human journey by artistically expressing hope and respect for the positive values of life."

In May 2007, Heartland Truly Moving Pictures was created as the parent company for the Heartland Film Festival.[4] The Heartland Film Festival is one of three programs sponsored by Heartland Truly Moving Pictures. The other two are the Truly Moving Picture Award [5] program and the Heartland Institute[6] which encourages young filmmakers and film as an education tool.


Its awards include the Crystal Heart Award, for independent filmmakers, and the James Stewart Memorial Crystal Heart Award, for student filmmakers.[7] Films winning either award (several of each are awarded each year) are screened during the festival, in addition to other films. The festival began awarding a Grand Prize for Best Dramatic Feature in 1999.[3] In 2005, the festival instituted Audience Choice Awards: one each for dramatic feature, documentary feature, and short.[8] Heartland also introduced the Vision Award for best short film that year.[9] In 2006, the festival introduced "official selection" films in addition to the Crystal Heart Award winners. These films were considered, but did not win a Crystal Heart Award. They are considered worthy of screening at the festival and are eligible for the Audience Choice awards. An award for Best Documentary Feature was also introduced in 2006.[10] In 2013, the festival announced that there would be separate prizes for Best Narrative Short Film and Best Documentary Short Film. Additionally, prizes were added for Best U.S. Premiere in each of four categories (Narrative Feature, Documentary Feature, Narrative Short, and Documentary Short).[11]

Heartland Truly Moving Pictures (the parent company of the Heartland Film Festival) also recognizes theatrically released films throughout the year through the Truly Moving Picture Award.[12] program. This program is separate from the Heartland Film Festival and only considers films that receive a wide theatrical release in the United States. Truly Moving Picture award winners are often previewed at the Heartland Film Festival as a sidebar if they are available.

Grand Prize and Audience Choice Award Winning Films[edit]

Year Grand Prize for Best Dramatic Feature Best Documentary Feature Vision Award for Best Short Film Audience Choice Award
Dramatic Feature Documentary Feature Short Film
1999 Wayward Son
2000 [13] The Rising Place
2001 [14] The War Bride
2002 [15] To End All Wars
2003 [16] Saints and Soldiers
2004 [17] Love's Brother
2005 [8] End of the Spear A Kiss on the Nose Innocent Voices Earthling The Man Who Walked Between the Towers
2006 [10][18] Shooting Dogs The Hip Hop Project Shade Shooting Dogs A Man Named Pearl I Want to Be a Pilot
2007 [19][20] Bella Hear and Now Validation Man in the Chair Hear and Now Validation
2008 [21] Captain Abu Raed Pray the Devil Back to Hell Victoria Captain Abu Raed Ripple of Hope Go
2009[22] Welcome P-Star Rising Bicycle (Jitensha) Like Dandelion Dust, A Shine of Rainbows (tie) After the Storm Grande Drip
2010 [23] The Space Between Freedom Riders[24] The Butterfly Circus Ways to Live Forever For Once In My Life The Butterfly Circus
2011[25][26] Red Dog Crime After Crime Thief Red Dog Crime After Crime Sun City Picture House
2012[27][28] Cairo 678 Rising from Ashes Head over Heels A Bottle in the Gaza Sea Stuck, Rising from Ashes (tie) It Ain't Over


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