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Denver Zoo Crocodile

Heath Satow (born February 6, 1969) is an American artist who works primarily in fabricated metals.

While attending the School of Design at North Carolina State University he apprenticed at Clearscapes, an architecture/sculpture firm in Raleigh, NC. Upon graduation in 1991 he was put in charge of the sculpture studio at that firm.[1]

In 1994, Satow left Clearscapes to start his own studio, currently located in Los Angeles, CA. He has since created permanent sculptures in locations around the world including the Denver Zoo,[2] Raleigh-Durham International Airport,[3] and Dubal Aluminium, Dubai, UAE.[4]

Satow's Ripple sculpture in Los Angeles was recognized as one of the "most compelling work[s]" of 2012 by Americans for the Arts Public Art Network.[5]


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