Heatseeker (film)

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Directed by Albert Pyun
Written by Albert Pyun
Starring Keith Cooke
Distributed by Trimark Pictures
Running time 91 min
Country USA
Language English

Heatseeker is a science fiction-martial arts film by Albert Pyun.

The film stars Keith Cooke as the lead actor and co-stars Norbert Weisser, Thom Mathews and Tim Thomerson. The setting is in 2019, a time in which cyborgs exist.[1][2][3][4][5]

The lead (Cooke) plays kickboxer Chance O'Brien who finds himself forced into the underground world of cyborg kickboxing in order to save his girlfriend from corporate kidnappers. This was part of the martial arts science fiction movie crossover craze of the late eighties and nineties when famed martial artists like Cynthia Rothrock and Gary Daniels became hot properties in the martial arts world. Once again in a script filled with recognizable faces Pyun weaves a story of technology gone wrong with corporate greed and martial arts action into a film that went direct to video and was seen in limited runs on cable.


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