Heavitree Gap

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The Heavitree Gap, or Ntaripe in the Arrernte language, is a water gap in the MacDonnell Ranges of Central Australia. It is the southern entrance to the city of Alice Springs and in addition to the Todd River it carries the main road and rail access to the South.

This view shows the transport links passing through Heavitree Gap

The Gap was an important sacred site for the Arrernte people and its use as a thoroughfare was avoided prior to the construction of the road and later rail link.

The Gap was named by William Mills, the Overland Telegraph line surevyer who discovered the location for Alice springs. It was named after his former school in Devon.

Coordinates: 23°43′35″S 133°51′56″E / 23.7263°S 133.8656°E / -23.7263; 133.8656