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A Hector Rail Class 941 hauled lumber train on the Solør Line in Norway

Hector Rail is a Swedish-based independent train haulage provider operating in the European rail transport market, operating 50 locomotives. The company provides locomotives and drivers to freight customers who need to have whole unit trains hauled between two places with a regular time table.

The majority shareholders are the Høegh[disambiguation needed] family from Norway, through Höegh Capital Partners.[1]


Hector Rail ran its first train on 12 December 2004, and now operates around 5 million train-km a year in Sweden and Norway. It began operating in Denmark and running trains from Sweden to Germany during January 2008.[1] In 2009 Hector rail started to haul a passenger train, for Veolia.


Hector Rail Class 441, the EuroSprinter

The company operates diesel and electrically powered locomotives:[2]


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