Hedgehog slice

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Hedgehog slice
Kalter hund.jpg
Type Square
Main ingredients Crushed biscuit, or rice puffs
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A hedgehog slice is an uncooked flat, square or bar-shaped chocolate snack/ dessert, similar to a fudgey chocolate brownie but with alternating lighter and darker areas. The darker areas are chocolate flavoured. The lighter areas are crushed biscuit,[1] rice puffs, or similar. Nuts may also be added.[1] It usually has a topping of chocolate icing on which may be sprinkled coconut, hundreds and thousands, or other kinds of sprinkles (e.g. chocolate or coffee flavoured, etc.).

The dish goes by a variety of names, including Arretjescake (in Dutch, supposedly named for a cartoon character),[2] Kalter Hund or Kalte Schnauze (in German) and Radiokaka (in Swedish, named for both its appearance to oldtime radios and its ability to be eaten soundlessly so as to not disturb radio broadcasts).

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