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Hednesford Hills Raceway (often referred to as Hednesford Raceway) is an oval, short-circuit motor racing venue, situated on Cannock Chase, approximately 1-mile (1.6 km) from the town of Hednesford, Staffordshire, England.

About the circuit[edit]

The circuit was built in 1952 utilizing the site of a former reservoir.

With the circuit built at the base of the reservoir, the circuit has the advantage of being at the bottom of a large "bowl", with grass banks surrounding the circuit providing excellent views for spectators. For a small fee, spectators can even drive their cars onto the site and watch from their cars at viewing posts the top of the banks. The circuit is of a quarter mile length, with two banked corners, and a tarmac track surface.

In addition to the grass banks surrounding the circuit, spectators can watch from terracing directly next to the track, along with two all-seater grandstands situated on the two corners, with covered seating for 3000 spectators. Other facilities include a permanent race control, licensed bar and cafe.

Bill Morris was the original promoter of stockcar racing on the site, having been inspired by friend Bill France's effort in Daytona (USA). In the early 1980s Bill retired from active promoting and handed over the reins to "Incarace", owned by his son Martin and Philip Bond.

In the late 1990s Martin retired and Philip Bond took over as sole promoter until retiring in March 2008.

William " Bill " Morris founder of the Raceway died 9/10/2008

Events at the circuit are still promoted and run by the Midlands-based INCARACE organization - which has now been taken over by Deane Wood, owner of Southern-based motorsports promotion Spedeworth International.

The stadium continues to be a flagship Short Circuit raceway in the UK.

Events staged at the circuit[edit]

The circuit is a major venue for a number of National Hot Rods, BriSCA Formula 1 Stock Cars, BriSCA F2 and Banger racing events in the UK, with many formulas of racing being staged at the circuit. The circuit has also staged short-circuit truck racing events, and annually holds a large firework display. Major events include the "National Championship Weekend", the "Classic Banger Day", the "National Banger Team Championships" and the "Civil War" - the biggest head-to-head Demolition Derby in the country.


The circuit has been featured on BBC's Top Gear programme in the past, in a feature on banger racing. In addition, a number of satellite TV channels feature both banger and stock car races from the circuit.

The Demons race team supplied a Car to Jeremy Clarkson a Ford Cortina for the Top Gear piece

The 100th edition of Tiswas was broadcast live from Hednesford Raceway back in the Seventies.

The launch of the Sony PlayStation game Destruction Derby Arenas took place at Hednesford Raceway and features a local Banger Racing team " The Demons Race Team "

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