Hefei–Bengbu High-Speed Railway

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Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway
Hefei–Bengbu Section
Hefei–Bengbu High-Speed Railway near Bengbu South Station.jpg
Hefei–Bengbu High-Speed Railway near Bengbu South Station
Type High-speed rail
Status Operational
Locale People's Republic of China
Termini Hefei
Bengbu South
Stations 9
Opening 16 October 2012
Operator(s) China Railway High-speed
Rolling stock CRH380A
Line length 130 km (81 mi)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Operating speed 300 km/h (186 mph)
Route map
Hefei–Bengbu High-Speed Railway
Beijing–Shanghai Railway to Beijing
Shuijiahu–Bengbu Railway to Shuijiahu
Beijing–Shanghai Railway to Shanghai
Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway to Beijing South
Bengbu South
Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway to Shanghai Hongqiao
Liufuzhen South
Huainan East
Huainan Railway to Huainan
Shuijiahu–Bengbu Railway to Bengbu
Huainan Railway to Wuhu[citation needed]
Dabaoying Depot
Hefei North City
Huainan Railway to Huainan
Hefei–Nanjing Railway to Nanjing
Huainan Railway to Wuhu[citation needed]
Hefei–Wuhan Railway to Hankou and Nanjing–Xi'an Railway to Xi'an
Hefei–Jiujiang Railway to Jiujiang

Hefei–Bengbu High-Speed Railway (or the Hefei–Bengbu Branch of the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway) is a 130.67 km high-speed rail line between Hefei and Bengbu in Anhui province. It is a part of the future Jingfu line connecting Beijing and Fuzhou.

Construction started in January 2009. The railway was opened on October 16, 2012.[1][2]

With the fastest (G-series) trains on the new line, the travel time from Hefei to Beijing South Railway Station is only four hours. Besides the Hefei-Beijing trains, there is also direct service from Hefei to Qingdao, via Jinan and the Jiaozhou–Jinan High-Speed Railway.[3][4]

The total estimated investment is 13.6 billion yuan. The design speed is 350 km/h (220 mph). It is part of the Jingfu line connecting Beijing and Fuzhou.

There are 8 stations along this line.