Heidi Klum rose

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Rosa 'Heidi Klum'
Heidi-Klum-Rose (Tantau 2006).jpg
Hybrid parentage see text
Cultivar 'Rosa Heidi Klum'
Origin Tantau, Germany, 1999

The Heidi Klum rose is a modern rose from Tantau, and was first bred in 1999. Its registration number is RT00681.

It was first bred in autumn 2003 as a cross of Old Port and Barkarole. German model Heidi Klum chose it herself from 15 cultivars and christened it in person during a rose show in 2005.

It is an abundantly flowering rose, with a very compact habit. Under normal conditions it reaches a height of 40 to 50 cm. The flowers can reach a size of up to 9 cm, are hardy, and may have up to 40 petals. The color of the blossoms is predominantly violet with a pink tone, and they are intensely fragrant. The plant itself has abundant green foliage.

This rose is susceptible to mildew and Diplocarpon rosae. Therefore, it needs regular maintenance.