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Heinrich Kling
Nickname(s) Heinz
Born (1913-09-10)10 September 1913
Kassel, Hessen
Died 30 September 1951(1951-09-30) (aged 38)
Drowned Lake Constance
Allegiance  Nazi Germany
Service/branch Flag Schutzstaffel.svg Waffen-SS
Years of service 1933–1945
Rank Sturmbannführer
Unit 1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler
Commands held 18/LSSAH
13s./1st SS Panzer Regiment LSSAH
II./1st SS Panzer Regiment LSSAH
101st SS Heavy Panzer Battalion
Battles/wars World War II
Awards Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
German Cross in Gold
Iron Cross 1st Class
Iron Cross 2nd Class
Winter War medal 1941/42
Tank Destruction Badge

Heinrich Kling (10 September 1913 — 30 September 1951) was a Sturmbannführer (Major) in the Waffen-SS, his SS number was 39 402 and he was a member of the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler..

In Autumn of 1942, the 1st SS Motorized Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. was upgraded to the status of a Panzer Grenadier Division and an additional 13th Company was added equipped with the Tiger tank. The command of the 13th Company was given to Hauptsturmführer (Captain) Heinz Kling.[1][2][2]

Training on the new tank took place at Paderborn in Germany and then at Ploermel in France. In the end of January 1943, LSSAH was transferred back to the Eastern Front. [2]

While in command of the II./Battalion, SS Panzer Regiment 1 on the 29 December 1943 he was awarded the German Cross in Gold[3] He was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on the 23 February 1944 [4] He later went on to command the 101st SS Heavy Panzer Battalion of the LSSAH [5] and ended the war still in command of the 101st Heavy Panzer Battalion with a total of 51 tank kills to his credit.[6]

Tiger Knights[edit]

While under Kling's command the men of 13s.Company had more Knights Cross recipients then any other company:

  • Hauptsturmführer Heinrich Kling
  • Untersturmführer Michael Wittmann (Destroyed 138 tanks and 132 anti tank guns)
  • Unterscharführer Franz Staudegger (the 1st Tiger commander to be awarded the Knights Cross,destroyed 22 tanks on 8 July 1943)
  • Rottenführer Balthasar Woll (Tank gunner for Michael Wittman)
  • Obersturmführer Helmut Wendorff [7]

13.s Company tank commanders 2 November 1943[edit]


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