Heinz Riegler

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Heinz Riegler
Origin Vienna, Austria
Years active 1988 -
Labels Mushroom Records, Kool Arrow, Dot Dash, Infectious, Room 40, A Guide To Saints, Alsergrund
Associated acts Not From There, I/O3, Nightstick
Website Official website

Heinz Riegler is an Austrian born musician based in Brisbane, Australia.

Riegler’s career in Australia began after he relocated in 1993, following prolonged periods living and performing in Europe and the UK. As founder, vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter of the ARIA Music Award[1] - winning three-piece Not From There, his work reached critical acclaim as well as a global audience. The band released two ground-breaking albums in Sand On Seven,[2] Latvian Lovers,[3] along with numerous EP's and singles, performing from 1991 through to 2000.

After contributing lyrics and vocals to a song on Adam Franklin's solo project Toshack Highway, Riegler went on to collaborate with Lawrence English and Tam Patton (Full Fathom Five) in the Brisbane-based experimental/improv group I/O3. The group released two limited edition LPs, Powerhouse Sessions and A Picturesque View, Ignored[4] on the Room 40 label. As a member of I/O3, Riegler has collaborated with the likes of sound artists Mike Cooper, David Toop, Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), Ben Frost and DJ Olive.

Riegler formed the Brisbane-based group Nightstick in 2004 with Tam Patton and Martin Lee. A short-lived project, the group toured Australia frequently and released a self-titled EP on the Dot Dash label.

Following some time out from musical endeavours, Riegler has since returned to work on material for a solo album as well as performing live. Riegler has also curated an extensive season of improvised live scores for the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. The three-month season in late 2008, titled Out of The Shadows: German Expressionism And Beyond, saw Riegler hand-pick a selection of artists to perform live scores to silent films. During the season, Riegler also took on a number of improvised performances in solo mode.

Twice shortlisted for the Grant McLennan Memorial Fellowship in 2008[5] and 2009,[6] Riegler began to perform new material live in concert around the same time.[7][8] Containing music made over the previous ten years, Riegler released a limited edition of 60 cassettes in 2009. Titled Survey #1, the cassette contains preview material of a forthcoming release amongst other compositions and collaborations.[9] In October 2010, Riegler released a limited edition 7inch vinyl single titled "And The Lovers Make A Scene" / "Andy Looks Up At The Sky",[10] collaborating with three visual artists (Bo Stahlman, Alex Gillies, Stephen Mok) to create three sets of artwork. The entire collection of 7inch vinyl was then released as part of an exhibition at Brisbane's Doggett Street Studios gallery.[11]

Riegler spent large parts of 2011 in his native Europe working on recording projects[12] as well as releasing a short film titled Motion Portrait #1.[13] The film was named winner at MICA TonBild 2011 [14] in Vienna, Austria. In May 2012, Riegler released Survey #2 (One Thousand Dreams I Never Had) on Lawrence English's A Guide To Saints label.[15] A video titled No Colour / No Sound, Part I was subsequently premiered on Australian music website Mess & Noise.[16]


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