Hejaz Railway Station

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Hejaz Railway Station
محطة الحجاز
Damascus-Hejaz station.jpg
Station statistics
Coordinates 33°30′40″N 36°17′42″E / 33.511149°N 36.294949°E / 33.511149; 36.294949Coordinates: 33°30′40″N 36°17′42″E / 33.511149°N 36.294949°E / 33.511149; 36.294949
Line(s) Hejaz railway
Other information
Opened 1913
Closed 1920

Hejaz Railway Station (Arabic: محطة الحجاز‎) is a main railway station in central Damascus, Syria close to the Marjeh Square. It was built by the Ottomans between 1913 and 1917 as the northern terminus of the Hejaz railway. The railway was intended to ferry pilgrims to Medina and was designed by the Spanish architect Fernando de Aranda.[1] The station's interior has a beautiful decorated ceiling. The station is closed for a much-delayed project to see it expanded to include a high-rise hotel, shopping mall and underground railway, and trains leave from Qaddam station.[2]