Helen Tworkov

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Helen Tworkov
Helen Tworkov.jpg
Born 1943
New York, New York
Senior posting
Title Author
former editor of Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

Helen Tworkov is founding editor of Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, the first and only independent Buddhist magazine, and author of Zen in America: Profiles of Five Teachers (North Point Press, 1989; Kodansha, 1994). She first encountered Buddhism in Asia in the 1960s and has studied in both the Zen and Tibetan traditions. Since 2006 she has been a student of the Kagyu and Nyingma Tibetan master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, and has most recently assisted him in the writing of Turning Confusion into Clarity: A Guide to the Foundation Practices of Tibetan Buddhism, ISBN 978-1-61180-121-7 from Shambhala Publications under its Snow Lion imprint.


  • Tworkov, Helen (1989). Zen in America: Profiles of Five Teachers. North Point Press. ISBN 0-86547-354-4. (Expanded edition published by Kodansha in 1994.)