Helga Lindner

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Helga Lindner
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-G0817-0003-001, Helga Lindner.jpg
Helga Lindner in 1968
Medal record
Women's swimming
Competitor for  East Germany
Summer Olympic Games
Silver 1968 Mexico City 200 m butterfly
European Championships
Gold 1970 Barcelona 4×100 m medley
Gold 1970 Barcelona 200 m butterfly
Silver 1970 Barcelona 100 m butterfly

Helga Lindner (born 5 May 1951) is a German swimmer. Born in Chemnitz, East Germany, she competed for East Germany in the 1968 Summer Olympics.

In 1968 she won a silver medal in the women's 200 meter butterfly. Dutch competitor Ada Kok won the gold by one-tenth of a second, then the smallest unit of time in the Olympic swimming contests. She also competed in the 100 m butterfly and, as part of a team of four which included Uta Schmuck, the women's 4×100 m medley relay. The East German team came in fifth.[1]

She participated in the 1970 European Aquatics Championships in Barcelona. She and three other swimmers (as a team) from East Germany won a gold medal in the women's 4×100 m medley relay.[2] She personally won a gold medal in the women's 200 m butterfly.[3] She also won a silver medal in the women's 100 m butterfly.[4]

She later competed for East Germany in the 1972 Summer Olympics, but did not win any medals. She was part of the 200 m butterfly event.


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