Helgoland radio tower

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Helgoland radio tower

Helgoland radio tower is a 113 m (370 ft) high transmission tower on the island of Helgoland in Germany. It is owned by the Deutsche Telekom.[1] It was constructed in 2000, replacing an older, lower mast that was subsequently demolished, and has some unusual characteristics. It uses a triangular base and, despite being a free-standing tower, is supported by guy wires as well. A few months after its 2000 installation, Gemeinde Helgoland, Der Buergermeister, sought the sale of municipal land on the Düne area of Helgoland island for private building and operational purposes.[2]

Besides its use as a microwave radio relay station, it is used for transmitting radio and TV stations as well. It serves the entire island of Helgoland and is a major landmark on the island, and plays a major role in maintaining connections to the mainland.[3] In addition, the collective of Helgoland radio tower and two other towers on the island retain a military air that seems to discourage future attacks like the those by the Royal Air Force in 1952 that used the island as target practice.[4]



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Coordinates: 54°10′49″N 7°53′00″E / 54.180397°N 7.883282°E / 54.180397; 7.883282